Two Main Applications of Zirconia Ceramics

Two Main Applications of Zirconia Ceramics

The application of zirconia ceramics is mainly considered from two aspects: Structural Ceramics and Functional Ceramics.

Zirconia ceramics have excellent physical and chemical properties, such as high hardness, high strength, high toughness, high wear resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. zirconia has been widely used in ceramics, refractories, machinery, electronics, optics, aerospace, biology, chemistry and other fields.

The application of zirconia ceramics is mainly considered from two aspects: Functional Ceramics and Structural Ceramics.

1.Structural Ceramics

In the field of structural ceramics, zirconia ceramics are widely used in the field of structural ceramics because of their high toughness, high bending strength and high wear resistance, excellent thermal insulation, and thermal expansion coefficient close to steel.

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2.Functional Ceramics

Mainly include: Y-TZP grinding ball, dispersed and grinding media, nozzles, ball valve ball seats, zirconia molds, miniature fan shafts, optical fiber pins, optical fiber sleeves, wire drawing dies and cutting tools, wear-resistant tools, watch cases and straps, light golf clubs and other room-temperature wear-resistant zero devices, etc.

In terms of functional ceramics, its excellent high-temperature resistance is used as induction heating tubes, refractories, and heating elements.
Zirconia ceramics have sensitive electrical properties and energy parameters, which are mainly used in the fields of oxygen sensors, solid oxide fuel cells (SolidOxideFuelCell, SOFC), and high-temperature heaters.

Zr02 has a high refractive index (N-21 ^ 22). By adding certain coloring elements (V205 Magneto Mo03, Fe203, etc.) to the ultra-fine zirconia powder, it can be made into colorful translucent polycrystalline Zr02 materials, which twinkle like natural gems and can be made into various ornaments.

In addition, zirconia is widely used in thermal barrier coatings, catalyst carriers, medical care, health care, refractories, textiles, and other fields.



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