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Technical Ceramics OEM & Precision Machining

Mingrui Ceramic | Advanced Technical Ceramics & Industrial Precision Ceramics
Yongzhou Mingrui Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by Dongguan Mingrui Ceramic in 2018 to meet the increasing volume of demand from the customers domestic and overseas. By virtue of the strong production capabilities and industry-leading machining capabilities, we are able to provide a variety of industries with complete Technical Ceramic OEM Solutions including raw material treatment, forming, sintering, surface finishing, and inspection.
We serve a wide range of industries worldwide, such as photovoltaic, new energy, aerospace, automotive, etc., some key customers are the magnates of their industries such as GCL, SINOPEC, and Zhonghuan Semiconductor. With years of customizing experience and production expertise, we have gained a reputation for product quality and customer service.
In the face of the diverse demand of customers, Mingrui Ceramic has the necessary expertise and ability to provide customers with professional technical support from the prototypes to mass production of ceramic structural parts.
We will communicate with you at any time during the whole production process, and give our professional advice on the technical problems that may arise, to ensure that your needs can be perfectly realized here, and help you to achieve your success.

Why Choose Mingrui

Leading Technical Ceramic Solutions provider



Expert for your technical ceramic applications

With years of continuous and in-depth work in the technical ceramic industry, we have built lasting and trusted relationships with our customers through exporting great manufacturing capabilities, professional materials knowledge, and strong industry influence. We are better prepared than ever to partner with you on your toughest challenges.


Scalable capabilities of technical ceramic OEM

As an ISO9001:2015 certified and RoHS compliance manufacturer, we got more than 10 engineers with years of R&D experience, 30,000 ㎡+ plant, experienced technicians, and advanced and fully equipped facilities to ensure quality.

We can produce a scalable quantity of ceramic parts, even if one-off prototype, or large-scale production, our facilities and expertise are ready to undertake customers' diverse needs.



Quality that exceeds customers' expectations

Mingrui Ceramic is committed to providing customers with the highest quality and ultra-precise machined ceramic parts that meet or are beyond customers' requirements and expectations, to ensure that all of the parts we provide can meet this goal, we have all the processes operated under the ISO standard and our strict in-house quality control system. From dial calipers to multi-sensor CMM, advanced&complete equipment and techniques are used for ensuring the parts meet all your requirements.

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Industries We Serve

Industries That Our Products Are Applied To

Since the foundation in 2014, Mingrui Ceramics has achieved a reputation with excellent quality and professional service. Now our products have been widely used in various industries that require high performance and precision of the ceramic parts. Some of those industries we serve include:



Key Customers

Main customers domestic and abroad

Mingrui Ceramic was founded in 2014 in response to the increasing demands of technical ceramics from a variety of industries. Our customers all over the world, we are not only serving industrial customers like Bloom Energy, SINOPEC but also some Universities and research institutions like Boston University, CSIST, this makes us obtained high industrial influence and reputation. We present at various international exhibitions to expand our  brand, and led to a wider global understanding of our ability to provide technical ceramic solutions.



What Customers Said

Recognitions from our customers


We have received the ceramic parts and get them inspected, and we want to underline your excellent work done on the machining, they are much beyond our expectations.

You have delivered parts with good quality and very good tolerances. They are already used in our equipment with perfectly fitting. We expect to go into a scale production late this year or early 2022. We will retain Mingrui as our qualified supplier and planning to work with you on other prototypes of ours.

Again, thank you so much for your excellent work.

Patric Hunt | Sourcing Manager of Cambridge Engineering


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