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Custom manufacturing ceramic tubes, pipes, and bushings | Mingrui Ceramic Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) serves as the ideal intermediate material solution between zirconia and alumina, this composite material combines the advantages of both materials, offers superior mechanical strength and abrasion resistance. This cermaic material is a specialized alumina that is stronger and tougher than ordinary alumina ceramic, and provides high thermal shock resistance, but cost less than zirconia.


Zirconia Toughened Alumina composites are commonly used in mechanical and structural applications due to their higher strength and toughness than alumina, they are also highly demanded in manufacturing and medical industries, and some applications requiring both high strength and corrosion resistance.

Primary features

Improved strength over alumina

Impact resistance

Improved toughn and hardness

Thermal shock resistance

ZTA is the result of stress-induced phase transformation toughening and is achieved by uniformly mixing fine zirconia particles throughout the alumina. Typically, we offer ZTA contains 6% volume of zirconia in alumina. Also the ZrO2 content is flexible depends on the demands of applications.

Mingrui ceramic is a leading manufacturer of ZTA ceramic parts, we are happy to provide assistant on materials, design, and applications, and we are able to provide industry-leading machining service, feel free to contact us for custom manufacturing or any questions.

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