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Technical Ceramic Processing

At its core, Mingrui Ceramic provides technical ceramic parts custom manufacturing solutions. Our experts are good at working with you to find the best manufacturing process for meeting your requirements. We have complete & advanced equipment and techniques processes, which ensures us enough capabilities to make your idea happened. Take a look at below summarised flow diagram of our manufacturing processes, or contact us for custom manufacturing right now.

Technical Ceramic Production Processes | Mingrui Ceramic

(Each of these processes in the manufacturing process influences the properties and quality of the final product.)

Ceramic Forming Capabilities

Ceramic Molding | Mingrui Ceramic

Mingrui Ceramic got industry-leading forming capabilities and technologies to form and shape technical ceramics, providing dimensional and density control. Our engineers consult with you to determine the optimal forming methods for your application — based upon material, size, production volume, cost considerations, and other critical requirements. Some of the forming methods we use include:

• Injection Molding

• Dry Pressing

• Isostatic Pressing

• Hot Die Casting

Injection Molding

Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) makes the processing procedure can be precisely controlled even when the volume production. CIM is very suited for manufacturing products with high strength, tight-tolerance, and less mechanical processing. It has great superiority in producing products with complex geometry and thin thickness. CIM and ceramic parts formed by CIM have below characteristics:


• Consistenct quality

• Cost-effective

• Flexible shape and size

• scale production


• Time cost of multi molds

• Limited parts size

Dry Pressing

Dry Pressing is a kind of molding method that presses the blank of ceramic powder into a compact body by pressure in the mold. We can get small shrinkage and accurate size without drying due to the low water content and high density of the blank. Flexible shapes and sizes can be produced by this forming method, and it also tends to an economical way of manufacturing. Dry pressing process and ceramic parts formed by dry pressing have below characteristics:


• High density

• Accurate size

• Small shrinkage

• High mechanical strength

• Good electrical properties


• Uneven density

• Uneven shrinkage

• Limited parts size

Isostatic Pressing

Cold Isostatic Pressing | Mingrui Ceramic

We offer Cold Isostatic Pressing(CIP) service to densify ceramic parts, this process utilizes fluid(water or oil) as the transfer medium to apply uniform static pressure to the ceramic material to form the products. The principle is based on the incompressibility and uniform transmission of the medium.

This process can evenly mold the ceramic powder, and get the ceramic products with uniform texture, high density, and few defects. It is usually used for forming ceramic parts with hollow, elongated, and concave parts, and other complex shapes. CIP and ceramic parts formed by CIP have below characteristics:


• High and evenly density

• High strength

• Less defect

• Flexible size and shape

• Near-net-shape available


• Low production efficiency

Hot Die Casting

Hot Die Casting is commonly used for molding electronic ceramics, especially alumina ceramics. This method mixes paraffin in the billet, utilizes the heat flow characteristics of paraffin, and uses the metal mold to form under pressure. The products processed by this method do not request a lot of mechanical processing, greatly reducing the cost. Hot die casting process and ceramic parts formed by this process have below characteristics:


• High production efficiency

• Parts with high durability

• Low die(mold) wear

• High dimensional accuracy

• Complex shapes available


• Limited parts length

• Limited wall thickness

Mingrui Ceramic expertise in technical ceramic parts forming / molding solutions, we keep the high yield and high efficiency of production to make sure offering our customers quality ceramic parts at low cost. Contact us today for a free quote or technical support!

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Ceramic Sintering Capabilities

Ceramic Sintering Capability | Mingrui Ceramic

Sintering is a process of densifying green ceramic bodies at high temperatures, which is used to reduce the pores in the formed green body, enhance the bonding between particles, and improve the mechanical strength of the product. Sintering enables the technical ceramics to withstand the widely differing requirements and operating environments of the application, it is a very critical process of technical ceramic manufacturing.

With the increase of temperature and the extension of time, the solid particles are connected to each other, the crystal grains grow, the voids (pores) and grain boundaries gradually decrease, the total volume shrinks, the density increases, and finally, it becomes hard with a certain microstructure polycrystalline sintered body.

During the sintering process, as the temperature increases and the heat treatment time extends, the pores continue to decrease, and the bonding force between the particles increases. When a certain temperature and a certain heat treatment time are reached, the bonding force between the particles reaches a maximum value. After the maximum value is exceeded, the pores tend to increase slightly, while the crystal grains begin to increase, and the mechanical strength begins to decrease. Therefore, how to control the sintering temperature and processing time largely determines the quality ofTherefore, the controlling of the sintering processing largely determines the optimal structure and properties indexes of the desired technical ceramic productsThese include strength, electric and thermal conductivity, ductility, and toughness.

As an industry-leading technical ceramics manufacturer, we got rich experience in ceramic sintering, now we have the following furnaces for serving our customers:

• High-temperature energy-saving lifting furnaces (electric sintering furnaces)   -  7 sets

• High-temperature pusher furnaces (tunnel furnaces)                                                     -  2 sets

• Liquefied gas high-temperature furnaces (gas sintering furnaces)                           -  2 sets

Mingrui Ceramic is constantly scaling up sintering capabilities by purchasing various furnaces, which allows us able to provide us with better and faster technical ceramics sintering service. Contact us today for any questions.

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Ceramic Machining Capabilities

Ceramic Green Machining | Mingrui Ceramic

Green Machining

The machining of a ceramic after forming and before sintering is called green machining. Many types of machining procedures are feasible: drilling, milling, grinding, CNC, cutting, grooving, etc. Learn More…

Ceramic Tolerance & Roughness Machining | Mingrui Ceramic

Tolerance & Roughness Machining

To get tight tolerance and low surface roughness, the product will be machined after sintering. Our most seasoned technicians are able to achieve 0.001mm dimension accuracy and Ra 0.1μm. Learn More…


Ceramic Inspection Capabilities

Technical Ceramics Inspection | Mingrui Ceramic

As an ISO9001:2015 certified and RoHS compliance manufacturer, we maintain high precision inspection standards of the finished parts, which involves dimension accuracy inspection, roughness inspection, and cracks / flaws inspection, etc.

From dial calipers to multi-sensor CMM, advanced equipment and techniques are used for ensuring the parts meet all your requirements. See some of our inspection equipment below:

Optical vision measuring instrument

• 2.5D optical vision measuring instrument

2D image measuring instrument

3D Coordinate measuring machinine (CMM)

• Digital densimeter

Vicker hardness tester

• Surface roughness measuring instrument

• Cylindrical & roundness measuring instrument

• Measuring projector

In addition to complete and advanced inspection equipment, Mingrui has the product quality fully controlled, everything we do is to ensure that your demands are perfectly met. Contact us today for technical ceramic parts OEM solution.

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