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Ceramics in Automotive

We provide better performance for the automotive industry

Ceramics in Automotive Industry | Mingrui Ceramic
Technical Ceramics are incorporated into Automotive Industry when demanding applications require a material that is tough and reliable. Technical Ceramics offer a panoply of possibilities as advanced and high-performance materials with excellent properties, an ideal choice when traditional materials can not meet the demand of applications.
Mingrui Ceramic brings the customers of the automotive industry genuine added value by providing precision-machined technical ceramic components for a wide range of automotive applications from car R&D to production.
Technical ceramics in automotive industry applications:

• Automotive electronics

• Transmission and suspension systems

• Engine system

• Lighting system

• Structural applications

With our industry-leading OEM capabilities, we working in partnership with our customers in the automotive industry to develop competitive technical ceramic solutions to meet their long-term demand.

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