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With the progress of high-tech science and technology and the rapid development of industrialization, people's requirements for structural materials are becoming more and more stringent. High-performance zirconia structural ceramic products have attracted much attention, and mechanical automation industrial applications are also becoming more common. In terms of structural ceramics, zirconia ceramics are widely used in the field of structural ceramics because of their high toughness, high bending strength, high wear resistance, excellent thermal insulation performance, and thermal expansion coefficient close to steel.
Since ceramics are generally very heat-resistant, they can be used in many places where metals and polymers cannot. Ceramic materials have a wide range of applications in the mechanical automation industry, including mining, aerospace, medicine, refining, military, food and chemical plants, electronics industry, industrial power transmission, and optical waveguide transmission, etc.
Precision ceramic materials have the following applications in the mechanical automation industry::

• Used to improve the mechanical strength of ceramic materials

• Used to improve the superplasticity of ceramic materials

Used in the preparation of electronics

• Used in the preparation of ceramic tool knives

• Mechanical engineering

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