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Custom manufacturing ceramic pins, needles, pin gauges | Mingrui Ceramic

Offering customized industrial solid ceramic pins and needles to meet customers’ diversified needs: positioning pindowel pinwelding pin, locating pinpin gaugeplug gaugeneedle gaugestop pins, ceramic needleand customized products.

Machining tolerance up to 0.001mm, surface finishing roughness up to Ra 0.1μm

For detailed sizes and tolerance, please consult us directly.

Ceramic Pins Overview

Mingrui offers ceramic pins, pin gauges, and needles (small rods) made of zirconia, alumina, and silicon carbide/nitride, which provide excellent mechanical, thermal, self-lubricating, wear-resistant, and chemical properties.

These pins and needles are well suited for many industrial applications, and they provide better durability than metal material if used properly. Due to their extreme hardness, all parts will be finished by diamond grinding, it indeed makes the lead time and cost increased.

We can custom manufacture different sizes and shapes by ultra-precise machining according to your samples and drawings. Consult us for detailed machinable specifications.

Available Materials

※ Porous ceramics are not available for us, all of our ceramics are made of non-porous ceramic material

※ Alumina (Al2O3 Aluminium Oxide), purity: 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99%, 99.5%, 99.7%, 99.9%, 99.99%

※ ZTA (Zirconia Toughened Alumina)

※ Zirconia (ZrO2, Zirconium Oxide) and YSZ (Yttria-stabilized Zirconia)

※ Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) and Silicon Carbide (SiC)

Ceramic componets offered by Mingrui Ceramic are manufactured by these advanced technical ceramic materials to meet your application requirements, a wide variety of forms including ceramic sheets, tubes, rods, and custom parts.

Not sure which material is suitable for your application? Check out by clicking above guides or simply contact us, we will happy to help out.

Ceramic Pins Characteristics

※ High abrasion-resistant

※ Excellent oxide and corrosion resistance

※ Low thermal expansion

※ High durability

※ High hardness and stiffness

※ Electrical insulation

Ceramic pins and needles are used for welding, positioning, connecting, and doweling, etc. We are able to offer standard and non-standard sizes according to your requirment.

Custom Manufacturing

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