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Ceramics in Aerospace

Ceramics have been adopted for multiple applications in the Aerospace

Ceramics in Aerospace Industry | Mingrui Ceramic
The excellent properties of ceramics make them a desirable material for aerospace applications (including both military and civil aircraft). The most important are high-temperature resistance, thermal stability, electrical insulation, corrosion&oxide resistance, wear resistance, and excellent strength and lightweight.
Mingrui Ceramic teaming with aerospace professionals to build precision-engineered ceramic components for the aviation and aerospace industries, each component takes advantage of the unique material properties of advanced ceramics.
Ceramic components are used in the aerospace applications like:

• Electrical applications

• Structural applications


• Power system

• Seals

Mingrui Ceramic offers industry-leading manufacturing capabilities. We work in partnership with our Aerospace customers to develop competitive OEM solutions to meet their demand.

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Typical Materials Used

Components Used in Aerospace Industry


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