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Ceramics in Medical

We are helping the evolution of the medical industry

Ceramics in Medical Industry | Mingrui Ceramic
The medical industry benefit from many properties of technical ceramics, such as chemical inertness, non-toxicity, sterile nature, biocompatibility, high toughness and compressive strength, wear and corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient, high durability, the ability to be manufactured with complex geometric forms. Combining materials knowledge, machining capabilities, and manufacturing expertise, Mingrui Ceramic is helping the evolution of the medical industry.
Mingrui Ceramic offers precisely manufactured ceramic components made from oxide (ZrO2, ZTA, and Al2O3) non-oxide (SiC and Si3N4) materials , and teaming with customers in medical ceramic OEM solutions to ensure optimal product performance.
Our ceramic parts have found widespread use in:

• Medical device components

• Pharmaceutical machinery components

• Instruments and tools

• Labware

(We don't available in implantable components)

With industry-leading precise manufacturing capabilities, we are able to face the challenge of achieving your desired level of differentiation!

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Typical Materials Used

Components Used in Medical Industry


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