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Ceramics in New Energy

Technical ceramics contribute to efficient energy, conversion, storage, delivery, and use.

Ceramics in New Energy Industry | Mingrui Ceramic
In the energy sector, technical ceramics are key materials for the fabrication of a variety of products that are used for energy conversion, storage, transfer and distribution of energy, and energy savings. Wear, temperature and corrosion resistance, transparency, inertness, and insulating, conducting or superconducting characteristics are the most important properties that make ceramics and glass suitable for these applications.
In energy conversion, ceramics are found in solar cells and solar collectors that transform solar energy to electricity; fuel cells and batteries that change chemical to electrical energy; thermoelectric generators that convert heat to power; and gas turbines that produce mechanical energy from chemical energy.
Custom ceramic components are used in the production of:

Solar / Photovoltaic

• Fuel Cells / Lithium Cells

• Alternative Fuels

• Nuclear

• Wind Power

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Typical Materials Used

Components Used in New Energy Industry


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