Ceramics in Food & Beverage

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Advanced Ceramics in Food & Beverage Industry
Advanced ceramics are mostly used in the food industry such as milk sterilization, juice clarification, fermentation broth sterilization and impurity removal.
Mingrui Ceramic brings the customers of the Food & Beverage industry genuine added value by providing precision-machined technical ceramic components for a wide range of Food & Beverage applications from R&D to production.
Application advantages of advanced ceramics in the food industry:

• Good corrosion resistance

• High mechanical strength

• Easy to clean

• Anti-microbial erosion 

• Long service life

With our industry-leading OEM capabilities, we working in partnership with our customers in the Food & Beverage industry to develop competitive technical ceramic solutions to meet their long-term demand.

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Components Used in Food & Beverage Industry


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