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Aluminum Oxide Materials | Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & RefractoriesAlumina ceramic (Aluminum Oxide or Al2O3) is the most widely utilized technical ceramic material in the industry. This is because of its extremely superior chemical, high temperature, and abrasion resistance, and it has excellent electrical insulation and thermal stability.


We offer ceramic components made of alumina purity levels between 95% and 99.99% (NON-POROUS). High purity alumina ceramics are particularly suitable for applications where there is potential severe abrasion or corrosion environments. And due to its excellent thermal stability (stable chemical properties and low thermal expansion), alumina ceramics can be used in an environment that temperature drastic changes. We also offer ZTA material as well to provide additional strength and toughness.

Alumina ceramic can be used in both general application and specialized applications. For different demanding applications, we will choose different purities and compositions to meet the specific requirements.

Mingrui Ceramic is your alumina ceramic specialist for all your demands of technical ceramics manufacturing and machining. We are always glad to assist you with materials, design, and machining.

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