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Technical Ceramic Machining

Technical Ceramic Machining | Mingrui CeramicMingrui Ceramic offers a complete range of Green Machining and Tight-tolerance Machining services of technical ceramic parts according to your drawing or design.
By virtue of the industry-leading precision machining capabilities, we are able to provide a variety of industries with technical ceramic Green Machining solutions including shaping, surface treatment, and assembly:

Milling & Grinding

• Lapping & Polishing

• Drilling & Cutting

• CNC Machining

• Groove Processing

• Adhesive Bonding

• Laser Machining

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Tolerance Machining

All the tolerances that can be achieved depending on the size, shape & geometry of the technical ceramic parts, all the sizes that can be machined depending on the shape & geometry of the parts. Mingrui Ceramic is committed to providing customers with the highest quality parts that meet or are beyond customers' requirements and expectations, to ensure that all of the parts we provide can meet this goal, we utilize advanced equipment to manufacture and inspect (Coordinate Measuring Machine, CMM), and have experienced technicians to operate them.

Processing      Tolerance
Dimensional accuracy Up to 0.001mm
Surface finishing Up to Ra 0.1μm, mirror-like
Concentricity Up to 0.003mm
Inner hole tolerance Up to 0.005mm
Parallelism Up to 0.002mm
Cylindricity Up to 0.004mm
Straightness Up to 0.001mm


Available Sizes

Generally, technical ceramics can be represented as simple geometric shapes such as tubes, rods, plungers, plates, sheets, valves, etc. We list some available and machinable size ranges, which are not absolute (e.g.: the available length is also affected by the diameter).

Characteristic      Dimension
Available size (unit: mm)
Length / Width ≤600
Thickness ≥0.2
Outer diameter ≤400
Inner diameter ≥0.8
Screw thread ≥M2
Bore diameter ≥0.7
Radius ≤50

As technical ceramics are wide utilized by advanced enterprises, some components with complex geometric structures (such as ceramic structural parts) are demanded in some specific applications, this is also our strength——the precision machining ability of ceramic parts with complex structures. Contact our experts to confirm the availability whether it is simple or complex geometry.

We Are Your Technical Ceramic Expert

Mingrui Ceramic is an ISO-certified manufacturer in the field of ceramic ultra-precise machining. We have accumulated rich experience in the process of improving the precision machining capabilities of technical ceramics, and apply these experiences to serve our customers every day. In fact, many of the world's premier universities, research institutes, and advanced&technical companies have chosen Mingrui Ceramic as the solution provider for their ceramic OEM projects. Contact us today and see what we can do for you!

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