Application of Industrial Ceramics in Printed Circuit Board

Application of Electronic Ceramics in Printed Circuit Board

Ceramic circuit boards are actually made of electronic ceramic sheet and can be made into various shapes.

Ceramic circuit boards are actually made of electronic ceramic materials and can be made into various shapes.

Among them, the ceramic circuit board has the most outstanding characteristics of high-temperature resistance and high electrical insulation and has the advantages of low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss, high thermal conductivity, good chemical stability, similar thermal expansion coefficient, and so on.

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The substrate of the electronic ceramic printed circuit board is divided into crystal glass and glass plus filler, mainly with aluminum trioxide as filler.

The conductive graphic materials on electronic ceramic plates are copper, silver, gold, palladium, and platinum. Tungsten and molybdenum with good stability are also used.

The manufacturing processes of electronic ceramic multilayer plates include the one-time sintering multi-layer method and thick film multi-layer method.

The simple technological process of industrial ceramics is as follows:

1. Sintering multilayer in one-time

Electronic ceramic blanks - stamping-printing conductive layer - lamination or printing insulation - shape punching - sintering - precious metal plating

2. Thick-film multilayer

Electronic ceramic blank - stamping forming - sintering-printing conductive layer - sintering-printing insulating layer - printing conductive layer - sintering (round trip operation according to the number of layers)

Electronic ceramic printed circuit boards are mostly used as a thick-film and thin-film circuits and hybrid circuit boards, which are used in automotive engine control circuits, video recorders, VCD, and other devices as power supply and heating components.

Most of these electronic ceramic printed boards contain resistance, capacitance, and other components, so they can also be used as multi-chip circuit packaging and electric tuner boards.

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