Wear Resistance Alumina Ceramic Wire Guides Eyelets

  • Place of Origin:Yongzhou, China
  • Brand Name:Mingrui
  • Ceramic Material :99% Alumina
  • Precision :Ra 0.1um tolerance: 0.001mm
  • Color:White
  • Minimum Order:1 PC
  • Delivery Time:3-25 days(depends on the quantity)
  • Customization:Can be customized according to customer
  • Payment Term:T/T, L/C, D/P. D/A, West Union etcs.
  • Supply Ability:100000PCS/M Ceramic Parts

Wear Resistance Alumina Ceramic Wire Guides Eyelets


Mingrui ceramic provides quality ceramic wire guides eyelets and textile ceramic guides for textile machines.

The custom manufacturing of ceramic wire guides eyelets according to your technical drawing is also available for us, you can get prompt delivery and reasonable price here even for small lots.

Ceramic wire guides eyelets can be used as wire guides, cable guides, thread guides, and rope guides. Since the excellent heat resistance, wear resistance, acid resistance, and great smoothness, it has a longer working life than metal material. Learn More

Mingrui Ceramic | Advanced Technical Ceramics & Industrial Precision Ceramics


• Higher chemical resistance compare to metal

• High wear resistance

• High rigidity

• Long service life

• Less splashing

• Lighter than metallic materials

We are a professional manufacturer of ceramic nozzles, selling hot sizes of ceramic nozzles in stock, also support to customize different specifications of ceramic parts, according to the parameters or drawings provided by the customer.

Why Choose Us?

Precision Machining & Fabrication


Quality Control

As an IOS9001 certified manufacturer, we got more than 10 engineers with years R&D experience, 30,000 ㎡+ workshop, experienced technicians and advanced equipment to ensure the quality.


Precision Control

Mingrui ceramics adopts advanced equipment and exquisite workmanship, and treats every product to a strict standard, dimensional accuracy up to 0.001mm, we will not to allow failed products to enter the market.


Scalable Capability

We are able to produce a scalable quantity of ceramic parts,even if one-off prototype, or a large scale production, our facilities and expertise is ready to undertake customers' diverse needs.


Prompt Response

For custom parts, you will get free quote within 24 hours (depending on the complexity), and to meet the urgent needs, we keep material in stock to make the lead time shorter.

Who We Are?

Product & Service We Provide


Yongzhou Mingrui Ceramic founded by Dongguan Mingrui Ceramic in 2018 to meet the increasing volume of demand from the customers domestic and overseas, meanwhile, in order to meet the increasingly strict precision requirements, the Yongzhou Mingrui Factory has purchased a variety of advanced equipment to improve the level of technic.
We serve a wide range of industries worldwide, such as photovoltaic, new energy, aerospace, automotive, etc., some key customers are the magnates of their industries such as GCL, SINOPEC, and Zhonghuan Semiconductor. With years of customizing experience and production expertise, we have gained a reputation for product quality and customer service.
In the face of the diverse demand of customers, Mingrui Ceramic has the necessary expertise and ability to provide customers with professional technical support from the prototypes to mass production of structural ceramic parts.
We will communicate with you at any time during the whole production process, and give our professional advice on the technical problems that may arise, to ensure that your needs can be perfectly realized here, and help you to achieve your success.

How Do We Process?

The Main Process of Production

Mingrui Ceramic | Advanced Technical Ceramics & Industrial Precision Ceramics

Industries We Serve

Industries That Our Products Are Applied To

Since the foundation in 2014, Mingrui Ceramics has achieved a reputation with excellent quality and professional service. Now our products have been widely used in various industries that require high performance and precision of the ceramic parts. Some of those industries we serve include:



Technical Datasheet of Alumina

Main Properties of Alumina Ceramic

Mingrui Ceramic | Advanced Technical Ceramics & Industrial Precision Ceramics



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